Why Choose Us

Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching Is Unique!

When it comes to tutoring, you have options. But when it comes to tutoring for learning and coaching for achievement, Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching offers more.

abstract photo of person with hand on chin thinking. inside the head shows a person walking up a big staircase.

What Makes Us Different

We change the story; we change the script. How?

Like great athletic coaches, our goal is to build EAGER, independent players. So, we

  • Engage desire
  • Assess needs
  • Guide training
  • Examine gains
  • Revise as needed

We come prepared. We are:

  • subject matter experts and teachers
  • incredibly experienced
  • curriculum development specialists
  • assessment analysts

We individualize every session. We:

  • fill gaps
  • enhance strengths
  • promote progressive mastery

In the end, we’re different because:

  • we can fix what others can’t
  • our students change where change is needed
  • we transform individuals into “MVLTs” – most valued learners & thinkers!

What You Get

Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching gives you short-term results and long-term gains. Here’s what we’ll work on for you.

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Firm Basics

We make sure the groundwork is solid in every subject and skill.

Here are just a few examples of groundwork that many individuals need:

  • Solid Arithmetic skills are needed to solve Algebra problems
  • Strong reading skills are needed to master information
  • Good analytical thinking is needed to comprehend and learn new information

What about you? Does fuzzy past learning get in your way? We’ll help sharpen the lens and clear up all that strain!

IN-Powered© Thinking

We build the staying power to handle intellectual tasks and do them well.

That takes thinking skills and more. So along with how to organize and analyze information, we help individuals:

  • stay interested and motivated
  • maintain attention
  • create understandable connections
  • consider and evaluate alternatives
  • persist and stay confident when tasks aren’t easy

It’s all about the staying power of confident, critical thinking.

Does thinking wear you out? We’ve got strength training methods to share!

Expert Guidance

We are your guides on the side.

We will stay in touch. Our weekly summary reports will share

  • what we assess
  • what we’ve covered
  • what we plan to do

And, we are available for in-depth conferences at your request.

Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching is a team effort. We welcome your input. And we’ll keep in touch!

Lasting Results

We help individuals tap into the inner world of their abilities.

What we teach lasts because of how we teach. We

  • tie knowledge to positive emotions
  • share strategies for mental control
  • introduce tactics for effective thinking
  • build skills and solid ability

You’ve undoubtedly heard that

nothing succeeds like success!

How true that is for those who work with us at Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching!

When strugglers start to succeed, they become strivers. Strivers apply what works in one arena to other areas that come their way.

And with that, our tutor-coaching results truly last!

So, why wait? Let’s get started!