On-Going & Lifelong Learner Coaching

Our expert, enthusiastic, senior staff uses the IN-Powered© approach to bring the motivation, know-how, skills that help you meet your work/life goals! Add creativity, action, relevance & enjoyment to your life!

Here’s a story about one of our professional clients.

She had successfully been meeting the demands of a very high-powered financial position overseeing a team of more than 100 staff members.  She hadn’t thought of changing jobs but was heavily recruited to apply to an organization that needed her skills and expertise.  So, she decided to pursue this new opportunity to see where it might lead.

As she prepared her application, she realized that she lacked knowledge about the organization’s background and was unsure about how to prepare for the interviews she hoped to get.  But not to worry!  She had followed MMTC on LinkedIn and reached out to us for coaching.

MMTC senior staff not only helped her to better understand the organization’s structure and mission but, with a “mock” interview, gave her the confidence to feel ready to meet with the organization’s executive team.

She was invited to interview and in her words she “nailed it – something I couldn’t have done without MMTC!”

Will you have a new story to tell in the future?  What will that look like?

  • Perhaps you will become inspired to set a new career goal and achieve it.
  • Or you’ll gain strategies to increase productivity and flow for your whole team.
  • Maybe you’ll improve your writing so much that you will author a book!

All those accomplishments can be yours!

We have expert staff in the areas of:

  • Motivation
  • Personal growth
  • Data Analysis
  • Written & Oral Presentations
  • Training & Teaching
  • Memory & Brain Health
  • Time Management & Motivation
  • Creating a Vital Life!

Don’t see your topic on the list?  Let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Whatever your stage of life, we’ll help you find the path you desire!

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