Who We Are

Linda Lee MMTC Director

I'm Linda

Director of
Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching.
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Daphne Figueroa MMTC Educational Coordinator

I'm Daphne

Educational Coordinator at
Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching.
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Ours is a story of two educators who became obsessed

with finding a better way for students to learn.

We refused to accept the status quo, where the philosophy was “make it, or break it.”

Listen in on our dialogue to see how we got there and where that took us…

Daphne: We first met when I was in grad school. I had a chemistry degree, summa cum laude, but failed a major graduate exam! Suddenly, I found myself at the bottom of my class and was in danger of academic probation … Linda to the rescue!

Linda: I was the head of the learning and study skills center at a highly regarded university where Daphne came to me for one-on-one assistance.

Daphne: In just four weeks of working with Linda, my mindset and learning strategies were completely transformed! And then on the next exam, I scored in the top 10% of the class. In short, Linda helped save my academic career! I was on my way to becoming a master in the game of learning and the changes stuck with me!

Linda: Later as I was doing my Ph.D. research, I wanted to discover how students’ motivation and learning strategies affected their academic performance. I was convinced that motivation was the critical part. At the time, that was a new idea.

Daphne: When Linda shared her research idea with me, I was astounded! It made so much sense. And I wondered why no one else was talking about this. The final research was groundbreaking. It not only showed that motivation affected performance, but that there were different levels of motivation that could be measured. And even more, those levels could predict performance! So, it was no surprise to me that Linda’s research earned national and international awards.

Fast forward a bit…

Linda: We were both hired as profs. at the same community college and that’s where we transformed my research findings into what became the IN-Powered©approach. In the end, we introduced this system to thousands of individuals, including students, tutors, colleagues, K-12 teachers, and lifelong learners.

Now we’re bringing this expertise and experience to you. We invite you to be a part of MMTC.

Become IN-Powered©! Come see how it all works. We believe that your life will change in ways you never imagined possible!

young woman standing outside holding binders and notebooks looking hopeful

Our Core

We have a mission.
And we have a vision.

Our mission is to bring IN-Powered© learning & thinking to the world, one student at a time.

We envision a movement, a true change in the culture of learning and education worldwide.

We want to see the world embrace the love of learning!

We intend to do our part.

But it starts with you.

Partner with us.