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Here’s a reminiscence from Daphne, our Educational Coordinator.

When I was a little girl, I had the best teacher — my dad!  He didn’t know it at the time, but he taught me the natural learning approach that we emphasize at MMTC.  It’s our goal to bring back that early love of learning we all had — that time when gaining more was fun, not work!

My dad and I laid on our backs in the grass and imagined what shapes the clouds took. We rolled over and looked at the pill bugs (Roly-polys) scampering about. We watched every space launch and lunar eclipse, and we built a cardboard model of the LEM, the lunar excursion module, that came in a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Math wasn’t tedious or boring because my dad turned the games of Crazy Eight and Aggravation into fun practice sessions. I recall sitting on his lap solving math problems and begging him to give me more.  That’s when he taught me to balance his accounts in a ledger – not your typical kid activity, but it sure tapped into my natural love of learning.

Whether it’s a course, a skillset, an assignment, or a work job, there’s often a way to connect it to your inner child’s love of growing, gaining, and getting smarter!

How can a coach help with that?

We’re born learners.  As babies, we’re creative experimenters, ever alert for what satisfies our wants.  Does a smile get attention?  A cry bring food?  As toddlers we add curiosity.  What’s in that cupboard?  What does this thing do?  What does it taste like? Then early school years open up worlds of color, numbers, language, stories, and possibilities.  And so, our natural thinking, learning, imagining, and expecting more develops.

Coaches tap into our inborn mechanisms and the pleasure we get from them. Whether it’s learning a concept, data analysis, or project planning, we tap into learning zest. Here’s how we do that:

  • We begin with creative experimenting to zero in on what works.  We seek quick “Ah’ha’s” to increase interest, attention, and results.
  • We add in curiosity and encourage unanswered questions.
  • Since we’re learning enthusiasts, we bring a sense of adventure and fun to the experience.
  • We note and build thoughtful relationships that connect the parts together and to your interests. 
  • We encourage expectations of success throughout.

In short, we teach with creativity, curiosity, adventure, relationships, and expectations of success.  It’s our CCARE approach that creates the natural love of learning.  With that comes a new attitude:  the independent lover of learning!

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