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Linda Lee MMTC Director

Linda Lee, Ph.D.

Linda has been an innovative educator for decades. As an English and learning skills professor, she has brought dynamic self-motivation and knowledge building skills into traditional courses at every level of education. Many of her students, who had struggled in school for most of their lives, have successfully gone on to top U.S. universities and their dream careers. Linda is an enthusiastic supporter of individual potential. She believes that now, more than ever, young and old need the tools of communication, self-motivation, critical thinking, and learning to find their passions and innovate for the future!

Over the years, Linda has developed holistic, brain-mind-heart tools for reading, writing, and learning across the curriculum, as well as personal growth. She has presented these empowering methods to K-12 teachers, college faculty, and life-long learners. And she is eager to help your group build your toolkit. She loves to talk about harnessing the powers of motivation and the mind, along with theater, photography, and dancing!

  • Motivation Matters!
  • The Brain-Mind Meld
  • Transform the “I Hate Reading” Club
  • Speed Reading for the Information Age
  • Me Management that Changes Everything!
  • Remember Anything!
  • Flow – Creating the Joy Within
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Daphne Figueroa MMTC Educational Coordinator
Educational Coordinator

Daphne Figueroa, Ph.D.

Daphne has decades of experience in science and math education. As a community college professor, Daphne has mentored and motivated countless STEM students. Many of those had an extreme lack of confidence in their abilities in math and science, but today they enjoy successful careers in STEM related fields. She has also worked with middle and high school students, tapping into their hidden desires to achieve in math and the sciences. And, her experience includes work with wildlife groups and the American Chemical Society, as well as frequent presentations to K-12 classes and community groups.

Daphne’s approach to teaching science and math comes from her own love of those subjects, which comes through with her hands-on, real-world methods of learning. She truly believes that everyone can learn to think like a scientist and that learning math and science can be fun, enriching and rewarding, even for those who aren’t pursuing a STEM career! Daphne loves to talk to parents, students, and educators about science and making content relevant. And she will show you the fascinating connections to music, literature, and motorcycling.

  • Baking, Recipes & the Scientific Method
  • Motorcycles & Molecules
  • Science is Phun!
  • Making Sense of Numbers
  • I Want to be a Doctor – Why Do I Need to take Math? Chemistry? Physics?
  • Hemingway Knew About the Metric System. Do You?
  • It’s Actually Elemental, My Dear!
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The Team

MMTC Presentations with Linda & Daphne

What do you get when you combine motivation, neuroeducation, math & science? You get real-world, cross-subject thinking, learning, and creativity! Linda and Daphne have worked together for over twenty years, to combine science and math content with communication and learning skills. The results have been life changing empowerment for countless students! We’d love to share these mind opening, hands on, whole person approaches with you and your group!

  • CARE – Get to the Passion Within
  • All Aboard the STEAM Train
  • Boring Tech. Writing? Not Anymore!
  • Think Your Way Out of a Paper Bag … and Beyond!
  • Building a Knowledge FORT
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