SMART Start Tutor-Coaching Program

1 Guided Self-Assessment
5 One-to-one Sessions
7 Digital Tools for Success

Guarantee a SMART Start—or Re-Start—for Your Student

Remember last year when things didn’t go well? Was your student

  • De-motivated?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Unconfident?
  • Disorganized?
  • Struggling to learn?
  • Stressed out?

Were you struggling to monitor homework, finding assignments that went missing, or dealing with “I can’t do this” frustrations?

Or, have these issues started to rise up now? You’re not alone!

Many students have not been taught how to concentrate, learn, or unlock their great potential. And the last few years have added stress and missed learning opportunities. For many, their only approach is show up, follow the teacher, and hope it goes well. For others, it’s work until all hours and worry about the grades. No wonder so many are experiencing the issues above!

We’d like to suggest a different approach: a SMART start, where students take the initiative, learn from the first bell, know how to plan, and work effectively. Everyone sees these students as “smart,” but it’s not about intelligence. It’s all about preparation, tools, and methods that lead to achievement.

We’re here to ensure a truly SMART way to change the struggle game – one that leads to your student’s best learning and highest achievement!

IN-Power© your student with our SMART Start tutor-coaching package tailored to school success.

1 Guided Self-Assessment • 5 One-to-one Sessions • 7 Digital Tools for Success

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What is the SMART Start package?

We’re teaching and learning experts with decades of experience and proven methods.  We’ve distilled our very best approaches into a one-on-one, SMART start package.  

Your student will learn to think SMART and work SMART.  That means being Strategic, Mindful, and Action-Oriented while creating Rewarding and Top-Quality results.  Research shows that high achievers think and work this way.  Our decades of teaching back this up.

There’s nothing like our SMART start package!  It’s unique!  It’s 5 hours of individual tutor-coaching. And, it’s loaded with mind-changing methods and tools.

Here’s what we cover in each, one-hour session:


Start Well

The Issue: Motivation fizzles with overwhelm. This is very common whenever students face more challenging material, change schools, move up a grade, or start a new educational level.

SMART Training: Session 1 grounds students with a look at what’s new, encouragement, methods for upping their game, reflections about their strengths, and identification of their personal goals. The result is “I want to do this” motivation!

Tools: SMART Start Reflection; Transition Well Guide


Think It Through

The Issue: Organization is not automatic. Methods, and tools need to be learned and used. Priorities and decisions need to be tailored to the situation.

SMART Training: Session 2 is a workshop. Here we present our top tools for organizing and planning. Students will create the tools they need now. The result is an “I will do it” plan!

Tools: Semester Calendar; Course Portfolio; Weekly My tiME Planner


Take Charge

The Issue: Persistence requires self-confidence. With new challenges, many students worry that they’re not smart enough and can’t make the grade.

SMART Training: In Session 3, we teach students how to work SMART. We emphasize that smart is about doing, not inborn intelligence. And, we provide a set of tactics that create the learning brain. The result is a “can do” attitude!

Tool: SMART Thinking Guide


Work Like a Pro

The Issue: Without know-how, any action – but especially learning – is a struggle. The results are knowledge gaps, ongoing frustration, and stress. And those make the next learning experience more difficult: it’s a vicious cycle.

SMART Training: Session 4 dives into the number one learning and memory strategy – note making. This is not note taking and recording information. It’s a brain-based way to get deep comprehension and initiate long-term memory. The result is a take charge, “I know how to begin” approach!

Tool: Note Making Guide


Learn Now

SMART Training: Session 5 is a tutor-coaching session on an actual course topic of your or your student’s choice. In this session, we’ll tutor for knowledge and coach for success. Your student will work and think SMART. They’ll come away with motivation, know-how, and knowledge!

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