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We offer online, IN-Powered© sessions for individuals and groups.

For individuals – we offer 3 options:

The Starter

$ 75

per hour
Single Session
  • Complete & improve an immediate task
  • Learn about a single topic or strategy
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The Star Player

$ 425

(5+% discount!)
6-Session Package
  • Complete & improve a short project
  • Review the content for a quiz
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The MVLTMost Valued Learner & Thinker

$ 625

(15+% Discount!)
10-Session Package
  • Learn the content you need
  • Acquire knowledge & skills
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For groups – we offer Prep Sessions & Webinars:

These are tailor-made trainings. All group sessions are designed around your topics and needs. Below are some sample topics for each option.

Prep Sessions

$ 135

per hour
  • For 2–30 participants
  • Build subject matter motivation, know-how, &/or skills
  • Prepare for an exam
  • Plan a project


$ 99

Per Month
Custom Designed & Priced
  • Learn motivation, know-how, & skills for achievement
  • Get in flow with work/life management, expert thinking, intellectual creativity, & mental vitality

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In keeping with our mission, we donate a portion of our fees to charities devoted to literacy and education for all.

I just can’t believe the value for progress and the ROI on the time and financial investment of working with MMTC! We thought this would be another one of those things that we kind of do and hope it helps a bit. It just all comes down to the kitchen table where we have dinner and play dice games to practice math. We’ve always kind of struggled to get our two girls to engage with learning. The tools and practices that we learned from MMTC as a family have changed all that. It’s like they’re little seeds that get planted but then those little seeds are way more than just the dice game at the kitchen table. So it just knocks my socks off how quickly we’ve seen value!

Chris & Sara L.Parents