Problems We Tackle

Problems, challenges, issues – no matter what you call them – they halt your progress and limit your potential. But they’re not who you really are and they’re not permanent.

Problems are signals that your current approaches aren’t working.

The tasks simply outstrip your strategies. That’s when you hit a “can’t do it” wall. That’s also good news! Tactics are improvable and trainable! And that’s what MMTC Tutor-Coaches tackle!

Whether the environment is academic or professional, problems arise, and they can be solved. Here’s a list of the most common issues that untrained thinkers and learners face.

Often students…

  • Can’t get motivated for school and/or learning
  • Are disorganized and lose track of due dates
  • Are easily distracted
  • Can’t balance school and extracurricular activities
  • Are behind; have knowledge and skills gaps
  • Have weak reading, writing, math, and/or thinking skills
  • Have not been taught how to learn
  • Have low academic self-confidence and don’t think they can do well
  • Worry and have high stress about school grades and assignments

Frequently professionals and lifelong learners…

  • Are unmotivated
  • Are easily overwhelmed
  • Struggle with work-life balance
  • Have difficulty communicating
  • Are hampered by poor reading, writing, and problem solving skills
  • Lack assertiveness and collaborative skills
  • Experience persistent stress
  • Find it difficult to plan and execute projects
  • Are stuck in an unsatisfying career or life path

At MMTC, we …

  • Tackle the thinking and learning hurdles that hold people back
  • Address what causes underperforming and overworking
  • Use a unique tutor-coaching approach

We create IN-Powered© learners and thinkers!