How We Work

We Create IN-Powered© Learners and Thinkers

The IN-Powered© approach gets results!

How? The key is eager motivation, SMART know-how, and lasting skills.

At MMTC, we teach the content you want with the methods you need.

You decide on the subject.  We’ll bring the rest. Here’s what we bring to each session:


Motivation is the prime mover! Motivation will ignite your energy and open you up to:

  • “I want” curiosity & desire
  • “I can” goals and confidence
  • “I will” intent and training

Executive Function (EF) Know-how

You learn; therefore you’re using EF know-how! EF Know-how optimizes your thinking into an intellectual FORT so that you can:

  • Focus your attention
  • Organize to understand
  • Reason to apply
  • Test for quality


You’ve heard of the 3 R’s. But how about the 5 C’s of skill? Skills make the content yours. They’re:

  • Comprehension
  • Communication
  • Computation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity

And the upshot?

  • That’s your new knowledge
  • That’s your performance results

Whether you’re in elementary/middle school, high school/college, or the ongoing/lifelong learner phase, you can learn just about anything. Really!

What makes that happen?

It’s the inner game of thinking and learning that matters!

Great presentations and inspiring messages can surround you. But learning happens only on the inside. It’s the mind syncing up with information that produces results.

Have you been taught how to do that? Have you ever really been taught how to learn? (Did you take the 2-minute survey to check that out? If not, click here.)

Most of us haven’t been taught what works or how to work the mind. But, it’s never too late!

If you have the desire to learn easily, remember more, perform better, and enjoy the process, Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching has what you want – the IN-Powered© approach!

Is the IN-Powered© approach for you?

Yes! We believe that everyone can become a master of the game of learning and personal growth.

IN-Powered© Learning has no age limits!

It’s not restricted to any one subject or situation. It’s for good thinkers, as well as those who are struggling.

Think of it this way: strong athletes and successful business people seek out great coaches and mentors. Why do they do that?

They want to up their game. They want even better results. And the same is true in the intellectual arena.

So, young, older, math, English, in school, out in the world, challenged, or doing OK – this is the mental game plan to learn and gain more!

photo of a young boy turning into a high school student, into a college student, into a young professional, into a mature professional

IN-Powered© Learning 

IN-Powered© Learning 

IN-Powered© Learning 

IN-Powered© Learning 

IN-Powered© Learning 

IN-Powered© Learning 

You deserve to be an MVLT – a Most Valued Learner & Thinker!

Working with Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching gets empowering results!

  • It will increase your potential
  • It’s transformational
  • It lasts!

So, why wait? Contact us today for a free session to explore what we have to offer.

Become an IN-Powered© Learner & Thinker!

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