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USDLA Webinar

October 6th, 2023

We are excited to present a webinar on USDLA’s Webinar Fridays!

Achievement Motivation: A Framework for Success – Yours and Theirs!

1 hour live webinar

Motivation matters! It is the driving force behind all we do and when it comes to academic achievement in education, it is the ultimate predictor of success. But, fewer students come with intrinsic motivation than ever before. You undoubtedly have recognized the need and tried to motivate them. Likely, some of your tactics work with some and work sometimes. How frustrating! What is needed is a framework that works with more of them more often. This webinar provides just that. In it you will discover a quick and easy way to understand achievement motivation and gain effective tactics for increasing student engagement. And those tactics are all about how to enhance – not revise – your current courses. So, instead of just plucking the low-hanging fruit of motivation strategies, this webinar will inspire you to harvest the whole achievement motivation tree! Click here to learn more and register!

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Past Presentations

Our co-founders, Linda and Daphne, speak together on many topics, including the following:

  • Becoming the Coach
  • The Tutor-Coaching Process
  • Motivating Others
  • Motivating for Self-directed Learning
  • Concentration: Starting Right!
  • FORT: Harnessing the Brain-Mind Meld
  • FORT: Time Management
  • The Keys to Executive Functioning
  • The Comprehension Discovery Step
  • Discovering More with Organization
  • Thinking Actively
  • Creating Knowledge with Memory & Learning
  • Solving the Problems with Problems
  • Tame Those Texts!
  • Getting the Start You Need – Secrets of “A” Students
  • Instructional Design for Learner Engagement: Getting to the Design Behind the Design
  • The Chemistry of Success for Online Learning

Linda, Director of Motivation Matters Tutor-Coaching, speaks on many topics, including the following:

  • Find Your Motivation to Move!
  • Memory 101
  • Remember Anything!
  • Master Memory Techniques
  • How to Meet and Remember the World
  • How to Hear It and Keep It
  • How to Read It and Keep It
  • Speed Comprehension
  • Flow – Creating the Joy Within
  • Living Happiness – A Life of Meaning
  • Training for Mental Fitness
  • My tiME – Manage Your Time & Dreams
  • My tiME – Play to Your Strengths
  • Motivation Matters!

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USDLA Conference

July 17-20, 2023

We are excited to present 2 workshops at the USDLA Conference this year!

Instructional Design for Learner Engagement: Getting to the Design Behind the Design

2.5 hour pre-conference workshop

This interactive workshop takes a deep dive into the learning that produces lasting change. Truly transformative learning requires cognitive and affective experiences. This seminar introduces an innovative way to assess both, predict performance, and then design individualized paths to success. The approach is particularly useful for online courses and training where technology can support personal learning paths. Tested in skills development and lecture courses, this ground breaking method is for teachers, trainers and coaches who want to empower real change!

The Chemistry of Success for Online Learning

90 minute workshop

This workshop provides solutions for online course disappointments. Online courses and trainings don’t fare as well as face to face classes, even when the materials and instructor are the same. What’s missing? It’s the engaged mind that comes from person to person interactions and guidance. But both can be created online with leveled thinking and feedback activities. Tested in the most demanding online environment – an online chemistry lab – as well as lecture and skill development courses, this unique approach creates the chemistry of success!

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